welcome to my sea based campaign. this campaign will focus on splitting between sailing across the ocean, discovering forgotten underwater kingdoms, visiting the many islands ranging in size from big enough for a small hamlet to a large city, reconnecting with races long lost, and uncovering a great conspiracy to ignite a war across the planes. if you ever played legend of Zelda wind waker it somewhat the same style sailing around finding random floating fortress, lost treasure, etc. much like the game as well the same history a great flood sunk most of the world in the water, leaving islands and some higher nations left above water. the world is set in a world similar to the game Radiate stories with a monster vs humans(humans being anything out of the PHB and monsters in everything else) struggle set up. when i start the game players will vote on which direction to go if they wanna play the humans campaign which will be more land and dungeon focused while if they choose the monster direction itll be focused on ship battles and sailing a forgotten world. here is the history of my world

Tides of the Forgotten and Lost

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