Tides of the Forgotten and Lost

the elemental tower

after speaking with the elders after the attack they concluded that the rogue sect of the Dungeon Masters the elementalist were behind the technology used to destroy the engines and set the elementals free, leaving the ship defenseless and unable to move.

after some agreements were made the party was charged with going to the base of these rogue elementalist a tower on the border to the barbarian lands. it was a 6 day journey, nearing the end they ran into a pirate ship leaving the tower they attacked it and after a brief fight alita managed to sink the ship with her magic.

they collected the loot from the pirate ship and proceeded to the tower . when they approached it the doors were missing and they could see 3 demonically infused earth elementals. they elementals spoke out in common saying no one was allowed to go up the tower. Damian shot an arrow at one and missed.

when the shot fired walls of fire shot up around the elementals and now there was a wall of fire blocking entrance to the tower, after alita knocked the wall down with ice magic the group charged in. the earth elementals proceeded to try and push the party into the walls of fire. the larger of the 3 was paralyzed by alita while the other 2 fought with damian and thug muck. after a few rounds air elementals busted from the walls and proceeded to pick up asha and try to pick up alita to fling them through the walls of fire. asha nearly died but managed to make it out alive. after the fight cleared they found a treasure hidden underneath the floor.

on the second level was a large round balcony looking over the first level as they moved forward they saw 4 elementally infused warforged waiting on either side of the small walkways. kuldeep attacked the warforged on one side and thug muck the there side. when they engaged both were met with powerful ray attacks and crossbow bolts as there was 2 warmages and 2 crossbowmen catfolk on the other side of the room behind the warforged. kuldeep nearly dropped this level but they managed to dispatch the enemies.

after a brief rest the part continued to the 3rd floor labeled the apothecary maze. when they interred it was a mess of large tabled placed to be like a maze each table had beakers filled with cuastic fluid and explosive and sickening mixtures. kuldeep charged in after he saw many water elementals and a large necrofire elemental in the center, ignoring the warnings from alita. after he attacked damian also ignoring alita charged in and used his breath weapon to get the fire elemental and caused half the rooms tables beakers to explode around kuldeep sicking him and blinding him. ashsa followed and did the same activate the other half of the tables with her breath weapon. the elementals were defeated and they found 6 levels with a note on the end saying they needed to find the right combination to unlock the doors or fight 1 of the 6 captive elementals. they also learned upon defeating 6 creatures a treasure room would unlock.

after some fights thugmuck returned with a catfolk cleric/rogue named narrissa that was a slave on the pirate ship. thug muck pointed out why dont the rogues search for the hidden treasure instead of fighting the monsters. it didnt take them long to find the treasure and get up to the next level.

asha scouted ahead and heard ghostly gibbering about a changed password and not letting anyone through.when they got up it was a long hallway that opened into a room then had a slopping hallway up at the other end.in the room was a large magma elemental who attacked. after defeating the magma they saw on the slope up was a bunch of remains and the hallway was covered in grease. int the center of the slope was a very large and obvious pressure pad and 4 masks lining the walls on each side. kuldeep proceeded to pick up ashsa and throw her to the top. the trap was magically sprung but asha dodged the fire only to be hit by a ray of clumsyness reducing her by 11 dex. a ghost traphuant appeared screaming that none can pass. asha quickly agreed to go back down. after she did 6 skeletons rose from the remains to block the hallway.

after a brief conversation something behind the ghost glowed and a large earth elemental appeared behind alita and attacked. the ghost disappeared and the trap reset itself. as they fought a ray of clumsiness hit anh the warlock and ray of enfeeblement hit kuldeep. after they dispatched the elemental again they started attacking the the masks to destroy the trap and kuldeep stayed in the room to fight anymore elementals that appeared. the ghost proceeded to unleash and barrage to weakening spells and ray attacks.

after some time the trap was destroyed and the ghost disappeared through the window. they found a floating elemental battery floating there containing 80 bound elementals. which they dropped and caused to to crack a bit though narrissa quickly cast mend to repair it.

as they were about to go up to the final level they’re favorite kenku master of shadows(comic relief character) appeared to deliver a note to the cleric narrissa before being yanked back into the shadows by his masters shadowy claw leaving behind a shadow feather to teleport them home as they’re ship was destroyed.

when they entered the final level a huge storm elemental was waiting, just as they entered he flew over and struck the warlock nearly killing him in 1 blow. kuldeep attacked and wounder him which he then used his thunder and lightning ability to reduce most of the party below half HP. as they fought the building crumbled around them on the other side of the elemental was a 5ft tall battery holding a tempest elemental bound. kuldeep nearly dropped a few times but they maanged to dispatch the storm and clear the skys of the purple lightning. they used the feather quickly as the building was splitting in half.



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