Tides of the Forgotten and Lost

The Harvest Moon Festival

The campaign started with everyone gathering on the city ship for the Harvest Moon festival on its third and final night. this night the party competed in the 10 festival games labeled “hunger games” Alita the aquatic elf wizard won the competition and because of it the other kin races on the ship got first access to new harvest.

the competitors were Thug Muck the boar anthropomorphic barbarian, Asha the noble born rogue kobold half black dragon, Kuldeep “The Treasoner” a half ogre ranger of sorts, damian the aventi dragon shaman, and the winner Alita.

after the games ended and the awards handed out the festival was suddenly firebombed killing many of the onlookers. the party was quick to get ready for combat as 3 groups of pirates appeared. each wearing symbols of 3 pirate groups; the gorebringers a slave trading barbarian tribe, musket legs a gun using pirate group, and the orc hunters a group of different elven pirates bent on the destruction of all orcs.

alita threw out a stinking cloud that trapped the musket legs and some of the orc hunters. the gorebringers went after Kuldeep “The Treasoner”. they were dispatched by his massive claws. damian used his acid breath, asha threw her daggers, thug-muck charged into the remaining orc hunters.

after most were dead 2 groups of bomb weilding pirates appeared and tried to comfuse the party by splitting into 2 groups, one headed into the ships engines levels while the other headed back to the docks with the stolen harvest.

the group pursued the ones with the harvest heading the docks they find 3 pirate ships are loading up the rest of the harvest for the year. the group attacked the gorebringers ship first.

the gorebringers were waiting for them the lieutenant a warblade, first mate a marshal, and 2 reckless barbarians. Alita tried to take a bold move and move up to the front of the lines to shoot the lieutenant with a ray of enfeeblement which weakened him a bit but next it was his turn and he charged the wizard and nearly killed her in one blow.

the group in turn charged into combat, after a few attacks asha realized the marshal was projecting auras to aid in the defense others. she used her meteoric dagger to strike him down after he was weakened by the others. the group was quickly dispatched but the lieutenant was last standing and seemed to have a lot of health thanks to his warblade powers.

they defeating him they ran to last ship as the others were destroyed by the city ships defenses but it seems the defenses and the barrier around the ship have failed meaning the other group as damaged the engines under the ship.

on they’re way they met up with a helbred warlock named anhel. now together they assaulted the iron clad witch housed the 2 last lieutenants of the orc hunters and musket leg. the battle started with the orc hunters on the lower decks trying to keep the monsters occupied. while the musket legs shot from the higher deck. alita caught on and quickly cast her cloud spell on the on upper deck

the spell helped them but more hurt them as the melee goers couldn’t get the musket users who were now shooting blinding out of the cloud. they managed to hi a few people including they’re own allies. it was a very long drawn on out battle but eventually the orc hunters were killed (or tossed over bored) they group had some issues getting through the cloud to the musket legs them the web cast by alita on the musket legs. but eventually they killed them one by one.

to find more information Lita cast a spell that required her eating the brain of the target to gain a recent memory, which she did in front of the guards and other characters.

in the after math the 5 avatars of the gods appeared to assess the situation and guide the elder on the next mission. now that the elementals in the ships were set free the ship is halted, un protected and without the barrier. the avatars must go after the elemental and send them back to the elemental plain before they cause too much destruction.

the avatars and elders convinced the party to venture out and find a rogue faction of the league of the dungeon masters, who gave the pirates the technology and information on how to release the elementals from the city ships engines.



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