Cenario is a world that has been ravaged by wars and magical catastrophe over the last couple thousand years. in the beginning this world was one large continent that was surrounded by ocean, though most of the world was covered in land not water. many of the races got along well with one another trading with one another. the nation was thriving even most of the “monster” races were in a truce, lived secluded or even traded with the other races such as elves, humans, dwarves, halfings, and gnomes.

Like all histories it didn’t stay peaceful for long, around year 3768 BC in the summer months some of the monster races started attacking and raiding the elves, humans, etc. villages and trade routes. many were confused by the sudden hostilities, they sent diplomats to find out why when the heads were sent back they sent soldiers to bring the leaders of the tribes in once again a cart full of the best soldiers from each nations heads were sent back. after that each nation employed one of they’re best adventurers from each nation to go investigate and destroy this violent agenda. they soon discovered the leader of the goblins had used some ancient magic to resurrect a very evil and powerful black dragon that was trying to recruit the monster races to find a particular staff that was shattered in the first hundred years of the worlds creation. this staff of legend called the Staff of World Sundering, supposedly had the power to submerge entire continents in the ocean apparently used by the gods to create the world and the dragon wanted to use it to hold the world hostage and force the races to pay him for its protection. when the adventurers finally manage to kill the dragon as he just finished the staff he cried out the activation was he was dying and sunk half the continent in water and sundered the other half into smaller island countries.

The nation were so furious and saddened by the death of so many they turned and blamed the only ones they could the monster races for being so power hungry and easily controlled that it destroyed half the world. they started assaulting and destroying the races they deemed as monster races, including the once allied tribes of the half-orcs. a band of mercenaries soon sprung up of mixed races offering they’re services to the people of Cenarious claiming to be planar mercenaries and all they had to do was let them build a few of they’re obsidian towers and they would finish off the monster races. the guild of mercenaries was called The Black Suits. they kept they’re promise and started slaughtering village after village of monster races. just is it seemed to be the end for the monster races 5 grand dragons appeared creating barriers around the last few villages of each of the monsters kind. they went to the 5 different island countries and made a deal with them that with the help of the monsters with the help of the dragons would craft 5 grand moving cities that would be the new home for the monsters far away from the island countries, each nation called off The Black Suits. the dragons traveled to the plain of Ebberron to seek the aid of Sharn and the house of cannith’s artificers, and to the Faerun to enlist the aid of the powerful inventors of Gond the god of crafting and invention to help them build the 5 moving cities.

after about 10 years they were able to finish the 5 cities: Akarib the ship city moving by water, Cellanter the spider walking city of the underground, Sintaro the floating city, Rasose the underwater crab city, and Tarros the snow mountain city. after each was finished the dragons each blessed them with a touch of they’re soul effectively making the cities living. when it was all finished the races moved onto the city and travel out to see they re new life. over time the monster races started adapting to living with one other instead of trying to kill one another. all the nation seemed happy after another 2000 years the monsters became creatures of legends, something parents would tell they’re kids at night.

until now…


Tides of the Forgotten and Lost rexus